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Motorised straight roller conveyor

16th October 2019

The motorised straight roller conveyor allows continuous handling for your packages, boxes, very long elements, with the ability to accumulate them and comes in painted or stainless steel versions. The rollers can be chain or belt driven.


  • Steel with RAL 5019 paint by default (optionally the RAL colour of your choice).
  • Stainless steel with the entire surface shot blasted (optionally all stainless steel to include shafts and bearings).


  • Folded and reshaped two-side chassis in 20/10ths steel.
  • Face mounted bearing supports in 60/10ths steel.
  • Face mounted bearings with four Ø25 holes.
  • Square cross section 40x40 mm feet (with levelling screws as standard).
  • Optional edge panels.


  • Reduction gear with Ø20 mm output shaft, chain installation, with gear and steel chain transmission with a pitch of 12.70 mm.
  • Reduction gear position: below.
  • Protective motor casing.


  • Material and sizes to choose as an option.
  • This article comes from neoveur edit released