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Conveyor Maintenance should be a defined & predict

25th October 2019

Conveyor maintenance should be regular, consistent and scheduled, just like your car. If your system is well-maintained, it’s going to last longer, perform better and be safer. Particular points of stress in a defined maintenance program include:

Stop and start points

Belting and connections

Bearings, universal joints and pulleys should be checked and lubricated

Electrical components, including connections to the system

Investigate any noises or other issues reported by staff

Anything else defined by your conveyor manufacturer

Part of the value of scheduled maintenance is its predictability. Frequent eyes and hands on the system helps you spot problems, proactively replace worn-out components and head off pressing issues. Also, talk with your operators. What’s working? What’s causing them problems? There is plenty to learn.

Your conveyor will last longer if you are systematic and consistent.

To extend conveyor life, design it right, use it within tolerance and keep it maintained

Ultimately, a system design that considers all load, environmental and application factors will extend the life of your system and allow you to get the most out of it. Proactive design and maintenance means that you’ll have a more reliable, efficient conveyor operation from day one.