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Modular Components and Engineered Roller Conveyor

08th February 2023

Roller Conveyors are heavily constructed to stand up to the wear and abuse of handling steel and to last for many years of operation. They are furnished in 10’ or less modular sections that bolt together to form any length required. The modular design allows for easy shipping, assembly, and rearranging.

Steel Storage Systems Roller Conveyors integrate with metal saw systems, cut-to-length (CTL) lines for steel sheet, shot blasters, tube mill exit lines, order-filling, and packaging lines. Roller conveyor tables facilitate bay to bay and inside to outside movement of material in metal service centers, tube mills, and fabricators.

Idler Roller Conveyors are offered in all the same sizes and options as powered sections. These Roller Conveyor Sections can be used for many applications within various industries with a heavy focus on material handling equipment and transition.