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Use poly conveyor rollers in extreme-temperature a

06th February 2023

Some conveyor rapplications may require high temperatures, either in part or whole. Drying, curing, or freezer areas are good examples of these needs, which are part of many manufacturing processes. If your application requires a sleeved conveyor roller, polyurethane is a better option than vinyl or rubber due to its ability to function in these very cold or very hot areas.

Durability and longevity: Due to its tensile strength and elongation, urethane can handle more weight than most sleeve alternatives without rupturing. This lets you run conveyors faster and and longer, under more weight. It also resists any permanent sleeve material indention so it maintains its basic shape and functionality. This also makes your conveyor rollers last longer, which reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Noise reduction: One of the reasons urethane is specified is its noise reduction properties. A quieter operation is always desirable, so finding ways to reduce background noise is always helpful in creating a more ergonomic workplace.