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C130 single steel sprocket friction accumulation r

This series of rolier sleeve type friction product release and, matters relating to the delivery of cargo weight 10~30kg applicable for light load conveying roller product force depends on the load, and in a certain range automatic adjustment.

Features & Benefits


Using polyamide as product put a set of, give full play to the materia1 inherent self lubrication and wear resistance;precision ball bearings and plastic bearing,end cover design formed the key bearing component part. lt is not only beautiful, more important is the roller running more quietly; roller at the end of the end cover, effectiveIy prevents the working environment in the dust and splash water entry; steel sprocket compared to steel sprocket more wear-resisting.


Due to the characteristics of roller, load is small; product release sleeve and bearing assembly materials have certain requirements on the use of the temperature of the environment, not in the environment of high temperature use.



Material of tube Tube diameter and wall thickness
Galvanized steel Φ 50*1.5
Φ 60*2.0
Stainless steel Φ 50*1.5
Φ 60*2.0

Roller diameter(D) Diameter of axle(d) Suitable for chain
Φ 50 Φ 12/15 L=W+41 08B14T
Φ 60 Φ 12/15 L=W+41 08B14T
Φ12(M8*15)       Φ15(M10*20)

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