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C121 double polymer sprocket friction accumulation

The load capacity can be around 10~30kg, suitable for light duty conveying,same size as B212/B213, these two types can be mutual combined, especial in the functional operation(through the inner driving ring exchange). Covered with polypropylene(pp)tapered sleeve, abrasion resistance, low noise and shockproof. Precision ball bearing polymer bearing housing, end cap form the bearing unit which is very important, it is not only for good looking but also further more for the smooth and qcuiet running. The covering of the end of roller, well dust proof and water splash proof in operation environment.

Features & Benefits


Light duty,be influenced by the hight emperature.



Material of tube Tube diameter and wall thickness
Galvanized steel Φ 50*1.5
Φ 60*2.0
Φ 76*3.0
Stainless steel Φ 50*1.5
Φ 60*2.0
Φ 76*3.0

Roller diameter(D) Diameter of axle(d) Suitable for chain A B C d0
Φ 50 Φ 12 L=W+92 08B11T 17 22 18.5 Φ 45.08
Φ 60 Φ 12/15 L=W+92 08B14T 17 22 18.5 Φ 57.07
Φ 76 Φ 20 L=W+103 10A13T 20 25 18.5 Φ 66.33
Φ12(M6*10)       Φ15(M8*15)       Φ20(M12*20)

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