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A102 style gravity conveyor roller/open slot

This series is suitable for middle duty conveying

Features & Benefits

Advantages: polymer bearing components(can satisfy customer's demand,anti-static properties),low noisy,which composed of precision ball bearing,polymer bearing housing and end cap,nice appearance.The cover at both ends will protect the bearing ,with the function of dust proof and water slash proof. It is suitable for high speed,the maximum speed up to 120m/min.

Disadvantages: because the material is polymer,it can' use high temperature.



Material of tube Tube diameter and wall thickness
Galvanized steel Φ 38*1.5
Φ 50*1.5
Φ 50*2.0
Φ 60*2.0
Φ 80*3.0
Stainless steel Φ 38*1.2
Φ 50*1.5
Φ 60*2.0

Roller diameter(D) Diameter of axle(d)
Φ 38 Φ 12 E=W+9 L=W+31
Φ 50 Φ 12/15 E=W+9 L=W+31
Φ 60 Φ 12/15 E=W+9 L=W+31
Φ 80 Φ 20 E=W+11 L=W+41
Φ12(b/h=10/11)       Φ15(b/h-12/11)        Φ20(b/h=16/15)
Gravity Conveyor Roller (Open Slot)Gravity Conveyor Roller (Open Slot)Gravity Conveyor Roller (Open Slot)Gravity Conveyor Roller (Open Slot)

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