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Where did roller conveyors come from?

30th March 2021

The first patent for roller conveyors was awarded in 1908 to Hymie Goddard, from Logan Company, in Indiana. This allowed for smooth transport of goods by means of internal ball bearings, although the conveyor did not get mainstream until five years later.

In 1913 Henry Ford made a milestone in history by introducing the renowned assembly line.

During the 1920s conveyor solutions started being used for longer distances thanks to a conveyor being able to carry heavier and larger goods over long distances with much more ease.

It was due to World War 2 and the lack of raw materials that the technology improved and is the reason why today roller conveyors can be used from materials including synthetic fabrics and polymers. This also reduced the cost of upkeep on the roller conveyor system.

Starting in the 70s up to now, conveyor systems including the roller conveyor, have witnessed developments to their technologies and innovations from introducing and perfecting power conveyors through to using computers to control complex applications. There are consistently new variations to the conveyor systems to keep the industry in motion, all with the goal to reduce time and increase optimal performance.

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