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Overview of belt conveyor

06th April 2021

A belt conveyor system is used in many industries as a standard piece of mechanical handling equipment to move goods, products, raw goods, and other materials from one location to another, usually in the same area or building. They are extremely handy for businesses that deal with heavy goods, sharp items, raw materials, and mass-produced products.

Belt conveyor systems allow for quick and efficient transportation of a businesses materials and products as well as being able to move heavy items such as cars down a production line which make them popular in the material handling and packaging industries as well as the manufacturing industries.

Although this is not their only use.

Belt conveyors are also popular in consumer applications for food and people transportation such as supermarkets, sushi restaurants, airports, and shopping centres. So not only do they transport heavy items, but they are also useful for moving small plates and people in a quicker and more efficient manner. Quite handy to use one in the airport if you’re going between gates and you’re running late for a flight.

Belt conveyors are usually fixed into positions with ancillary equipment and add on’s being available for them so they can connect to an existing or non-conveyor system. You can get portable belt conveyors which can be moved around with ease. This way you can put the belt conveyor into a different floor plan and move depending on the volume of products. The portable belt conveyors also are known as mobile line shaft belt conveyors are popular in the logistics and parcel delivery industry due to being able to be configured for the number of parcels coming in or being moved to another department that might get an influx of deliveries throughout the day, week, month, or year.

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