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Top 7 Conveyor Belt System Accessories You Must Ha

29th November 2019

Fourthane liquid or synthetic rubber – This is a liquid material that you can apply to your conveyor belt using a spatula or any other similar tool, which will later on turn into rubber. Other than traditional products, this type of accessories makes application to conveyor easy – not to mention its high tear and impact resistant properties. You can also use it to repair rubber conveyor belt covers and other tops.

Rubbers – There are many types of rubbers in the market and each are specifically designed for a particular conveyor part. Rubbers are designed for applications in bulk transport and are usually  approved. When choosing for rubber, it is advisable that you choose the one that is made of natural materials. Other types of rubbers include food-grade quality rubber, quality, high heat rubber, and corrosion-resistant rubber. To choose the right one, you may ask for help from experts of Conveyor Belt System accessories.

Drums, coating, and idler sets – Plan on moving or repairing your conveyor belt system? You will definitely need these accessories. The products usually come in set when you buy in store but make sure that you have the right size and brands as it might affect the applicability in your conveyor belt. Together with these accessories, you may also need to have impact bars, bottom rollers, drive pullers, and canopies.

Belt scrapers – Just like the previous sets, these also comes in sets – with different sizes. Small belt scrappers can be used for slight corrosions and scrapping tiny clogged areas. However, if your conveyor belts are too huge, it is important you invest on larger size.

Conveyor brush – Although almost similar to the functions of belt scrapers, conveyor brush can be used in soft spots and sensitive corners of your conveyor. This accessory comes with motorized parts, with a rolling brush to dust off dirt and bacteria. It’s usually compact-designed that is sold at a very affordable price.

Replacement blades – These accessories should come in handy, so that in case your conveyor blades break down you can immediately have a replacement. Check your conveyor blades compatibility and prepare accessories to continue operations in times of contingencies. For a more durable replacement blade, it would be great to have solid urethane blades with a faceted profile.

Being prepared in times of unexpected occurrences can prevent operation breakdown. With these accessories in your hand, it would be easier to avoid accidents. When choosing accessories, first check your conveyor belt whether or not the accessories you buy is compatible.

FROM:Conveyor Belt Repair Company