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Increase Efficiency with Carton Flow Rack

25th November 2019

If you’re looking to increase efficiency in your warehouse’s order fulfillment you may want to consider how a change in racking could help. There are types of racking made specifically to help speed up order fulfillment while keeping your inventory organized. New or used carton flow rack can help you meet your efficiency goals thanks to operation of this type of rack. Here’s an explanation of what carton flow rack is, and how it can help you.

What is It?

Carton flow rack uses gravity to feed products to the front of a shelving unit for easier organization and order-picking. Each level of the unit is inclined towards the point of pick up and usually use rollers to help products move to the front of the rack. Usually used for high volume order filling, carton flow rack is usually stocked from the rear so that products are constantly available for the picker, the person who actually retrievers the product from the rack to fill an order.


The main advantage of carton flow rack is that it keeps products within the reach of a picker at all times. This helps drastically decrease the time it takes for a picker to fill an order, and it is easier to keep products organized. Since products are stocked from the rear of the rack, the picker isn’t interrupted and the design of the rack ensures there is always product available to fill an order. Carton flow rack operates thanks to gravity, which allows for a system with less mechanical parts and therefore fewer maintenance needs.

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