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The Driven Roller Conveyor

24th April 2019

A driven roller conveyor is a conveyor that uses multiple powered rollers to achieve horizontal transfer. Driven roller conveyors can handle a wide range of items, from lightweight cargo (cases etc.) to heavy cargo (pallets etc.), provided they a flat and stable base. They are perfect for creating line layouts to meet any demands through a combination of our many conveyor unit types, including straight, curved, merging, separating, sorting, direction change and accumulation units.

Our product range includes a wide range of powered roller conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, heavy duty roller conveyor, gravity roller conveyor ms, zinc plated, pvc roller conveyor and taper gravity rollers in pp.

Powered Roller Conveyor are used in the industry when you require control on the product movement. Sprocket & Chain is the widest method to drive the roller & conveyor. It requires lubrication and so it has limitations to be used in food & pharma industry. For heavy loads, there is no option but to use chain & sprocket conveyor only.

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