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Flexible Powered Rubber Coated Roller Conveyor

22nd April 2019

Flexible Roller Conveyor is an extendable motorized roller conveyor with controllable conveying speed & direction, adjustable supporting leg height and enough power supply by one mini motor per meter.

It is well qualified to intensively transport goods especially with flat bottom in the warehouse, storehouse, workshop factory, harbor, dock, etc. which largely satisfies the easy, safe, quick and efficient goods delivery.

  • Controlled by one independent electric box,loading and unloading,two way operation.
  • Driving wheels with precise bearings guarantee low noise and long life span.
  • Stainless steel rollers and galvanized steel rollers are available.
  • Curved join plates with better figure and load.
  • End package stop guide available.
  • Side guide wheels available.
  • Movable on dia 100 mm swivel polyurethane casters with brakes.
  • Join two or more units by hooks quickly and easily.

This article comes from nidoworld edit released