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Roller selection

09th April 2020

Selection of roller specifications:
· Different weight should choose the diameter and length of the roller, roller length can be produced according to user requirements, in general, the width of the goods + 50mm.
· The suitable use environment should choose the right kind of roller, for example, the humid environment should choose the stainless steel or the plastic steel type roller.
· When there are turning rollers, the turning radius should be considered to ensure the smooth transportation of materials.
· In order to ensure the balanced conveyance of the goods, there must be three rollers in contact with the conveyed goods at any time, and the trays should be added to the soft bag packaging when necessary.

Classification of rollers
According to the presence or absence of power: the two types of unpowered rollers and power rollers include straight rollers and cone rollers.
According to the driving effect: the power roller can be divided into two types: actuating type and accumulation type.
According to the driving effect: the power roller can be divided into three types: round belt drive (with groove), flat belt drive (friction belt) and chain drive (with chain theory)
According to the type of bearing: special precision bearings and special stamping bearings, the housing number includes steel seats and engineering plastic seats.
According to the barrel material: a variety of materials are used to achieve a variety of surface treatments to meet the needs of material transportation in various environments

According to the installation method: shaft spring loaded and fixed loaded.

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