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Roller Conveyor Integration Into Larger Systems

26th December 2022

Many industrial and distribution center operations use roller conveyors. They are among the most affordable types of conveyors, but they lack the ability to provide controlled movement. With thoughtful design you can include them in larger material handling systems. For example, you can use roller conveyors between two electric belt conveyors. Or use a gravity roller conveyor between two motorized MDR conveyors.

Generally the limiting factor with gravity conveyors is the variations of the load. Consider both size and weight variation of the individual items. Small and light packages may flow nicely down a gravity conveyor pitched at a 5 degree decline. But when when a larger or heavier load is on the rollers, it will speed out of control. Pallet roller conveyor and heavy duty roller conveyors need careful design solution. We can also provide special speed control rollers. These rollers act as a brake to assist with these situations. Live roller (motorized powered roller) solutions are more common for handling super heavy duty loads

As well as being very economical, these systems are highly flexible. Their flexibility enables them to be quickly moved and rearranged. All systems come with holes pre-punched at 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ centers. This enables the roller spacing to be revised whenever required.