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roller conveyor

03rd August 2022

Roller conveyor equipment is a common industrial equipment for loading and unloading goods. Everyone should have heard of this equipment more or less. It is a conveying equipment composed of racks, rollers, driving devices, and other parts.

The way it drives the goods is to rely on the friction between the rotation of the rollers and the goods to drive the goods forward.

In terms of power, roller conveyors can be divided into two types: unpowered roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors.

The power roller conveyor can be divided into external electric roller conveyor and group driven roller conveyor.

Usually, the common roller conveyors are mostly driven in groups. With the cooperation of the motor and the reducer, the power is transmitted through the belts and chains such as multi-belts, O-belts, etc., and the rollers are driven to move.

How to use roller conveyor and matters needing attention

If it is a fixed roller conveyor, it should be installed on a fixed base. If it is a mobile or mobile telescopic roller conveyor, the brakes on the casters should be locked before installation to act as a brake. .

When using the device, if several devices are used at the same time, a one-meter-wide passage should be reserved between the devices as a safety gap.

Before the equipment is used, the operator must check whether the power transmission parts of the conveyor equipment, the chain, belt and other transmission strips fit with the driving device, and whether the tightness of the chain belt is appropriate.

During the use of the conveyor equipment, it should be driven with no load. After the equipment runs smoothly, the materials are put into the conveyor.

When multiple conveyors are used in series, the start-up of the equipment should start from the unloading end first, install the equipment in sequence, and start the equipment in sequence. After the power transmission of the multiple series equipment is normal, the materials can be put in.