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Non - Standard No Power Roller Plate and Chain St

02nd January 2019

Unpowered roller conveyor is widely used to convey various cases, bags, trays and goods in package, and some diffused materials and small pieces of articles shall be put in trays or turnover cases for delivery; in addition, unpowered roller equipment can convey materials with great load or weight; stacking delivery can be realized through buffer type roller, and unpowered  conveyor roller is also designed with simple structure and high reliability.

Unpowered roller plays the role in supporting conveying belt to avoid the overhanging degree of the belt to surpass the needs, so as to ensure stable operation of the conveying belt.

The operation of unpowered roller has direct influence on quality of the operation of the conveyor. Generally, revolving speed of unpowered roller shall not exceed 600r/min; unpowered roller is divided into carbon steel galvanization material, carbon steel galvanization chrome, stainless steel, carbon steel hard chromium plating material, etc. based on the materials, which can realize single row reinforcement and stacking delivery of materials. Delivery line of unpowered roller is also automatic matching conveyor, and the delivery locality is mainly composed of roller, rack and safe edge, etc., which can make manual transfer to complete demanded functions based on technology needs of products.