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How wide Conveyor should be?

23rd May 2019

Conveyor widths, like lengths, come in two dimensions—overall width (the dimension from the outside of your frames) and belt/roller width. What you’ll need to know:

The width of your widest load. This dictates your roller/belt width so that your conveyor can accommodate the load. Some conveyor types let the load hang over the edges, if rollers are set high (above the frame so the load can hang over as it travels).
The amount of side-to-side space available for your conveyor. Usually not an issue, but could be in very tight applications
Keep ergonomics in top-of-mind. For very wide conveyors, use skewed rollers or other means to guide product to the working side of the conveyor so that people don’t have to bend over to reach it. This will help with both ergonomics and safety. You don’t want people leaning needlessly across a running conveyor.