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Belt Driven Live Flexible Roller Conveyors

20th May 2019

Belt driven live flexible roller conveyor is a powered conveyor where the load or product is carried directly on carrying rollers. An endless belt (flat or V belt) drives the carrying rollers. Adjustable height pressure rollers located below the carrying rollers engage the belt with the carrying rollers, providing the power to transport the product. BDLR conveyors are designed for level applications that do not exceed 5° of pitch. The product to be conveyed should have a flat and firm conveyable surface and a maximum unit load weight of 150 lb or a live load of 50 lb per ft.

Belt driven live flexible roller conveyors is a commonly used conveyor due to the variety of its applications. Following are a few typical applications:

Transportation - moving product from one point to another.
Accumulation - product must be stored or staged.
Diverting - onto 30° spurs, by manual or automatic means.
Merging - from extended width sections.
Pop-up Stops - automatic or manual.
Changing directions - live roller curves.

This article comes from lonestarautomation edit released