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Conveyor Belt Future

24th December 2018

China’s coal mine has been the development of the productive and efficient direction, rubber conveyor belt an indispensable means of transport of the coal mines, and is also one of the coal mines yield, high efficiency pillar products.  Conveyor belt market tumult in recent years, all forecast to become untrustworthy, such as chemical materials rose, which rose 20% resin, flame-retardant conveyor belt series rose by 30%, and all kinds of rubber rose 25 percent, chemical fibers such as polyester, etc. fiber rose more than 10%,which effect the conveyor belts price deeply!

First, coal mining market price on the conveyor belt (flame retardant conveyor belt ): Chinese coal mine has been towards the road of self-financing, but also to the efficient development of high-yielding, coal is China’s largest energy products, accounting for more than 65% the previous year 14 million tons Last year, 17 million tons this year, there are rising. With the development of the coal mine automation transport on the conveyor belt , especially the whole flame retardant conveyor belts and nylon conveyor demand will also be increasing from the previous year 5.6 million long-meters last year more than 700 million long-meters this year is expected to more than 900 million long-meters.Coal prices constantly rising, or more than 100%, so the amount of coal and the conveyor belt is directly proportional to the price of the conveyor belt is inversely proportional with the development of both this and oversupply relationship. These years, the coal to increase production at the same time, continue to reduce production costs, large the coal selection of products and prices room conveyor manufacturers, conveyor belt plant has no core competitiveness and price control, and so on demand side firmly in control in the hands of the seemingly yield and grade conveyor belt constantly in the development and promotion of conveyor belt production value of this year compared to the previous year, up about 10% this year ( conveyor belt production is twice that of the previous year) profit was flat with the former.

Secondly, the manufacturers changed and conveyor belt quality problem: now conveyor belt factory institutional structures in constant change, the original state-owned enterprises accounted for 90%.  In recent years, in response to the national policy, private enterprises, collective enterprises accounted for 90% of the three Sino-foreign joint ventures, while only six state-owned enterprises. Enterprise staff reduced to below 50%, the recapitalization is still relatively good, the industry, most companies have the capital structure adjustment work has been completed with the national management policies and good market opportunity, corporate capital structure is more reasonable. In order to compete for market share, most of the emphasis has been placed on the team of sales and marketing staff, to the neglect of upgrading and expanding technical force. As an excellent manufacturer, the market is certainly important, but if it is lack of technology R & D and innovation, there is no good product quality, even if the market is thrive for a while, but will not maintain a long time.

Thirdly, reach a win-win cooperation, rubber conveyor belts companies could survive: each enterprise is not the all-rounder, in this case can only reach a cooperative relationship with complementary resources and jointly participate in market competition, to achieve a win-win situation. Industry informations can be exchanged on network at the lowest cost; take product usage tracking and satisfaction surveys online which target users, in order to meet the needs of users; relevant information can be posted online advertising technology innovation propaganda activities; directly or indirectly, the online trading network channels, or in conjunction with traditional delivery, the balance sheet to complete the transaction process; can also provide a variety of information services through the network, establish a user profile with customers one-on-one bidirectional interactive communication.

Finally, the pattern of economic globalization and information technology to enable enterprises to operate independently gradual disintegration of enterprises relying on a single volume production and small-scale operation has been unable to gain a competitive advantage, in order to improve their competitiveness, companies must seek cooperation. Cooperation to provide support for technology innovation and R & D, technology research and development innovation enterprises to obtain a source of excess profits, as important as new technology innovation as the life of enterprise technology innovation sometimes not can be completed within the enterprise – not just because of cost issues, as well as enterprises are unable to bear alone, and there are technical problems, enterprises can not overcome – only cooperation can break through the research and development of new products rely on a concerted effort to help each other, to make use of their own resources, design development, and manufacturing of new products, a better service for the market. In short, companies should tap their inherent potential for value creation to establish that she has the core competitiveness at the same time, take the scale of operation of the road, as far as possible to take advantage of the technology research and development of innovative advantages to the use of low-cost, and the value of the product is reflected.

FROM: Baoding Zhongbo