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CCDM -- the guarantee of high-quality roller

31st August 2021

From e-commerce express, shoes, clothing, tobacco, food, and medicine to airports, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, and many other industries, tens of thousands of materials need to be stored, transported, sorted, and handled every day. Behind this vast logistics system, the delivery roller, like a gene, plays an important role.


CCDM has been deeply engaged in conveying roller industry for more than 20 years. From the original single conveying roller products to the present conveying roller and electric roller, CCDM provides a one-stop conveying roller solution for customers' logistics system and provides you with a reliable "quality roller guarantee".

From incoming material control to finished product inspection, CCDM continuously expands its hardware strength, from processing accuracy, production technology, quality control, and other aspects, to ensure the reliability and durability of single products and the stability of batch products, and at the same time to ensure fast and stable product delivery. Nowadays, there are more than one million conveying rollers every year, assembled into more than thousands of kilometers of conveying and sorting lines, conveying goods orderly forward.