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Application of belt conveyor dust cover

11th June 2019

First, belt conveyor overview:

Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, port, transportation, hydro power, chemical and other departments, for loading, loading, loading, loading, loading, loading and unloading. Ship, reprint or stack a variety of bulk materials or pieces of goods from a single or multi unit synthetic transport system to transport materials, according to process requirements can be arranged in the form of horizontal or inclined, belt conveyor in addition to meet the level or tilt Conveyor requirements, but also with a convex arc, concave arc and straight line combination of the form of transport. Conveyor to allow the delivery of material block depends on the bandwidth, speed, groove angle and inclination, but also depends on the emergence of large pieces of material Of the frequency of the conveyor for the working environment temperature is generally -25 ~ +40 ℃. We also produced light belt conveyor and mobile conveyor.

Second, the basic structure of belt conveyor:

1. Drive part: by the device in the steel into the base of the motor, high-speed coupling, reducer, slow coupling composition.

2. Pulley part: dived pulley & turn round pulley.

3. Roller part: trough carry roller,impact roller, return roller, self align carrier roller & return roller, and so on.

4. Cleaning section: sub-spring cleaner and empty section sweepers.

5. Discharge part: sub-fixed plow unloader and electric unloader.

6. Braking part: There are two kinds of belt backstop and roller backstop.

7. Accessories: in the shell, guide trough, funnel and so on.

8. Protection part: belt conveyor dust cover.

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