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B320 polymer’o’ belt wheel tapered sleeve roller/f

The load capacity is decidedby“0” belt drive power and driving device in these series(single groove shaft line driving is higher than double one),the eference date is usually within 300N.suit for light duty conveying.

Features & Benefits


Light weight,easy start up.0n the base of B310 series design,the polypropylene(PP) sleeve have the characteristic of quiet noisy,shockproof and abrasion resistance.The end groove makes the driving area separate from the conveying area which avoiding subject interference.Cause the groove is not pressured on the roller surface,the roller will operate steady and smoothly.The noisy of polymer bearing components is greatly lowed down,that composed of precision ball bearing, polymer bearing housing and end cap for nice appearance.Besides,Polymer cover has the function of dust proof and water splash proof.


Cause the material is polymer,itcan' t be used in the high temperature environment.



Material of tube Tube diameter and wall thickness WT D1 D2
Galvanized steel tube + plastic tapper cover Φ 50*1.5 250 Φ 52.9 Φ 68.9
300 Φ 56 Φ 74.9
350 Φ 52.9 Φ 74.9
400 Φ 56 Φ 81.1
450 Φ 52.9 Φ 81.1
500 Φ 56 Φ 87.4
550 Φ 52.9 Φ 87.4
600 Φ 56 Φ 93.7
650 Φ 52.9 Φ 93.7
700 Φ 56 Φ 100
750 Φ 52.9 Φ 100
800 Φ 56 Φ 106.3
850 Φ 52.9 Φ 106.3

Roller diameter(D) Diameter of axle(d)
Φ 50 Φ 12/15 E=W+35 L=W+36
Φ12(M8*15)       Φ15(M10*20)

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