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Working principle of split sorting roller conveyor

16th March 2023

#Roller conveyor # With the continuous progress of society, the demand for automatic production and handling in logistics is also increasing. The emergence of conveyor can effectively avoid the situation of excessive labor caused by manual handling, thus reducing the labor cost.

From the fixed conveyor to the retractable power roller conveyor, the roller conveyor used at that time was a special non-standard customized roller conveyor, which has not yet formed a general mass production of products. Until the middle of the 1980s, the rapid development of China's industry promoted the progress of roller conveyor, and its production level and scale reached a new stage, covering the assembly lines of various industries. With the progress and development of industry, the roller of roller conveyor has been fully developed, and its specifications and varieties are also available.

At present, the automatic logistics conveying and sorting equipment on the market include roller sorting conveyor, belt sorting conveyor, spiral sorting conveyor, chain plate sorting conveyor, turning sorting conveyor, telescopic sorting conveyor, and climbing sorting conveyor.

[Working principle of split sorting roller conveyor]

The shunting and sorting roller conveyor realizes the function of goods shunting and confluence through the electric roller. Each stacking section has an electric roller. The electric cone roller is connected to a certain number of non-powered rollers through the belt. With the help of the controller, the goods on the linear conveyor change direction under zero pressure.

[Structural form of split sorting roller conveyor]

The split sorting roller conveyor is composed of rollers, racks, etc. The shunt sorting roller conveyor can withstand large impact loads or transport materials with large single weight. According to its structure, it can be divided into power roller conveyor and unpowered roller conveyor.

[Application scope and purpose of the split sorting roller conveyor]

The split sorting roller conveyor line is widely used in food, medicine, military, chemical, building materials, warehouses, and distribution centers. It can realize a variety of co-flow conveying functions. The roller lines are easy to connect and filter. It can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system with multiple roller lines and other conveyors or special machines to complete various process needs. Generally, it is mainly used for the transportation of box-type and flat bottom unit goods. It can also meet the separation and confluence of the transported goods in cooperation with the single-chain machine.

[Features of split sorting roller conveyor]

1. The rollers of the roller conveyor are easy to be transited and connected. Multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system, or they can be used separately.

2. High speed, large conveying capacity, light operation, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

3. The stacking roller can be used to realize the stacking and conveying of materials.

4. Suitable for conveying articles with flat bottom.

5. Beautiful appearance, surface electrostatic spraying

6. The outrigger height can be adjusted, and the application range is wide.

The shunting and sorting roller conveyor adopts multiple roller conveyors and other conveying equipment to form a logistics conveying system. It can meet various process requirements, and use the stacking roller to realize the stacking and transportation of materials. The combined drum machine is applicable to the transportation of flat-bottomed goods, and can realize the characteristics of multi-variety collinear and shunting transportation, so as to ensure the smooth transportation of goods. At least three rollers keep in contact with the transported goods, and the soft bag packaging materials should be transported with pallets. The split sorting roller conveyor has the advantages of high speed, large conveying capacity, light operation and convenient maintenance.