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What are the related accessories of conveying equi

04th November 2020

In recent years, the transportation equipment has been widely sold and the development space is gradually expanding. The accessories of the transportation equipment have also become the market developed by various businesses, not only producing various transportation equipment such as cement conveyors, tubular fly ash feeders, etc. Conveyors, and produce and sell the same series of conveyor accessories to facilitate customer needs. If the parts of the machine are broken, you can directly purchase matching parts, which greatly meets the needs of customers.

Conveying equipment and related accessories

In a popular sense, it is mainly: chain plate (stainless steel chain plate, plastic steel chain plate) flat top chain plate (straight chain, turning chain) chain net, modular net chain, keel chain, buffer chain, ball chain, reversing chain , Bottle clip chain, ball transition board, guardrail, guard plate, star wheel, screw, light power support, bending seat, guide rail, comb plate, friction-resistant strip, loose leaf, gasket, cushion strip, bracket, tripod, single clip, Double clip, square clip, door lock, handle, bottle washing cup, foot plate, support frame, bottle gripper, bottle clamping block, bottle washing machine chuck, rotary knife, knife board. Sterilization machine parts, labeling machine parts, filling and capping machine parts, bottle washing machine parts.

The details are as follows:

Flat top straight chain, flat top curved chain with wings, steel chain base straight chain piece, steel chain base with wing curved chain piece, steel chain base with wing straight chain piece, spherical chain, ball chain plate, ball transition plate, ball guardrail, keel Chain, winged keel chain, ribbed net chain, flat grid net chain, flat top net chain, rubber surface net chain, net chain comb, driving wheel, flat top sprocket, curved sprocket, passive wheel , Loop wheel, cushion strip, guardrail

Industry term:
Plastic mesh chain, conveyor wheel, plastic keel chain, food machinery accessories, beer production line accessories, nylon products, Mc nylon products