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01st September 2020

Gravity roller skate-wheel conveyor systems do not need as much pitch to transport your products in a decline. You can easily move empty boxes and light loads on your skate-wheel conveyor. It doesn’t need as much force to initiate movement of several wheels than in a regular gravity roller. Products that are being moved keep their orientation. Even when your products go around curves, they will maintain their orientations.

Skate-wheel conveyor wheels do not need as much energy to turn, which helps to keep up speed when moving a conveyed product. Since the wheels turn independently of each other, the skate-wheel conveyor is a great choice for your conveyor line’s curves.

Below are a few of the many benefits of Gravity Roller and Skate Wheel Conveyors:

The most economical type of conveyor

the load can be wider than your conveyor if centered correctly

Require less pitch to convey the product

Lightweight loads and empty cartons move easily on the skatewheel conveyor

As the load negotiates curves the skatewheels provide this differential action

Less energy is needed to turn the wheels and that makes skatewheel good at maintaining speed

Easy to install, and only require basic maintenance

They can be used in a variety of environments and fit into even awkwardly shaped rooms

Gravity conveyors are easy to fit into a powered conveyor system

Can be modified with curved roller units, spurs and personnel gates