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Seven advantages of having a belt conveyor system

14th September 2021


Belt conveyor systems provide modularity; that means the flexibility of changing, adjusting, reducing or increasing equipment as the company and production plant change.

Usually, F&B industries change their products according to the market and latest trends, and for that reason, belt conveyor systems must provide modularity and adaptability.

2.Energy saving

When selecting a belt conveyor system, it is better to choose energy-saving and eco-friendly equipment, since the higher energy saving you get, the less power consumption you have.

Certain areas of equipment of belt conveyors have to be able to stop when products are not being moved without generating an operational crisis. In fact, the F&B industry by itself demands this kind of technology in the automated instruments from vendors. 


Belt conveyor system shall have a previous ergonomics analysis especially in specific operational areas, for example, the review of labeling, corrugating or palletizing where it is recommended to have an ergonomic design that provides productivity and practicality during execution. 

Companies must take into account all Mexican and international operation regulations before implementing equipment in their industries. 

4.Food grade

It is important to pay attention to the manufacturing material of each belt conveyor system; for example, belt conveyors have to be stainless steel, there must not be corners with waste or residues. In additions, different detailed safety measures can be implemented according to the kind of industry.

5.Order and institutionalization

We can summarize an implementation as a strategy to order processes (in which uniformity, quality and productivity are essential) apart from human factors and in their favor. A professionally designed and implemented system will substantially modify any area in a company.

6.Productivity and competitiveness

The benefits of an automated movement strategy and processes’ systematization are highly profitable in order to increase productivity and responsiveness because they provide: more competitiveness, multiple advantages, quality increasing and improvement in customer service. All of these benefits help you to increase your standards and sales levels as well as exceeding the expectations of your clients.

7.Capacity and availability

The capacity of assorted items (by hour, day or year) increases considerably and it can lead to opportunities seizing. However, this can only be achieved within a safety environment for both operators and products, preventing important situations, such as: labor illnesses, absences, turn over, among other factors. 

This article comes from gieicom edit released