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Roller Track - Steel Profile

12th December 2019

Steel profile roller track in 4 meter (13.12') lengths with zinc plate finish. Solid steel axle with 33mm diameter x 25mm wide nylon roller center line spacing is 36mm. Use our standard mounting brackets with an adapter bushing.

Our aluminum profile series roller track features slide guide design to provide the most compact and efficient use of lateral space. The roller track is a 35mm high by 40 mm wide profile, with a clear anodized finish. The extrusion can be cut with a carbide blade, band saw or cold saw.

A captive T-slot runs down the length of each side. With our T-slot nut P/N TSN6, guides, scanners proximity switches, light curtains and other accessories can be easily mounted and positioned on the tracks. The roller track's modular design includes two different diameter wheels, 33mm and 44 mm. The roller track can be assembled and disassembled without tools.

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