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Ore conveyor_ Belt conveyor for mining stone

12th October 2022

The conveying speed of the ore conveyor is accurate and stable, which can ensure the synchronous transportation of the mine stone production line Ore conveyors include belt conveyor, chain plate conveyor and new heavy belt chain plate conveyor. The difference between them is that the chain plate conveyor is compact and durable, but its investment cost is high. The belt conveyor has low investment cost, but it cannot withstand the long-term impact of rocks. This heavy belt chain plate conveyor has both the quality of the chain plate conveyor and the preferential price of the belt conveyor, Heavy belt chain conveyor is selected for ore conveying, which can be used for climbing, vertical feeding, and inclined loading and unloading. As for the basic horizontal conveying, it is trivial.

The ore conveyor is designed vividly. It can complete horizontal tilt and turning transportation on one conveying line The chain plate is made of carbon steel, high manganese steel and other materials. There are many kinds of ore conveyors. The appropriate scheme can be adopted according to the size of the stone transported and the transmission line.

The chain of the ore conveyor is hollow large roller chain with accessories. The accessories of synchronous chains on both sides are connected with plate like components to form a continuous flat plate in the conveying direction, so that it runs smoothly. The machine can be used together with chain or roller conveyor to realize corner conveying. The width of ore conveyor chain plate can be customized according to customer requirements.