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One Tapered Troughing Idler Solves Powder River Ba

06th December 2018

Challenge: This Powder River Basin mine was experiencing material spillage at the cross belt sampler station on their overland conveyor. The spillage was due to the belt wandering out from underneath the station’s edge sealing system since they were not able to get the belt trained before it went beneath the station. This off-center loading, along with faulted vulcanized belt splicing in the load-zone, caused severe mis-tracking.

Solutions: The conventional training idlers that were previously installed, used slow sensing ‘guide roller design’ which could not effectively train a fully loaded belt since their roller design applies limited and slow reaction pressure to the belt’s sides. So they recommended that our 60”  Tapered Troughing Idler be installed 25′ prior to the cross belt conveyor

Installation at this strategic location would allow the it to provide fast, reactive and continuous tracking of this high belt speed (800fpm), high tonnage overland belt prior to the cross belt sampler station.

Results: The  Tapered Troughing Idler completely eliminated the spillage in the Sample Station by correcting the belt mis-tracking and allowing the sealing system to perform its job.  The Tapered Troughing Idler’s patented design, combining tapered wing rollers with it’s unique center pivot, solved the mis-tracking belt challenge by training the belt from the belt’s axis where the greatest amount of force is exerted.