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Motorized & Powered Roller Conveyors

11th July 2019

The Motor Driven Roller Conveyor creates zones by using a single "motorized roller" which drives the adjacent rollers. Each zone (or powered roller) is controlled by a drive card. This is essentially a controller that accepts 24VDC power and sends it to the roller depending on a control wire feed, either from a PLC or local sensor.

There are a few different types of drive cards available, based on the 'intelligence' required on the given line. The most basic card will turn the roller on and off based on either a PLC control or a sensor wired directly to the card. If accumulation is desired, the next card in the series can accept data from adjacent zones and can create slugs, accumulate, singulate, or be used as transportation. The most intelligent card has the ability to control four rollers with one card, and accept communication from a number of sensors and a PLC.

Motorized Drive Roller Conveyor Applications
Motorized Roller Conveyors can come in a variety of lengths, but there are two main diameters used for different applications. The 1.9" dia roller is used for package handling and drives adjacent rollers through the use of urethane bands wrapped in grooves in each tube. The 2.5" dia roller has a pair of A-type sprockets welded to it, and uses RC60 chain to transfer power to the other rollers in the zone. This is most commonly used for pallet loads, and also for other heavier applications. Plenty of other options for size, power, diameter, and environmental issues are available.