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Installation method of belt conveyor

14th July 2020

Belt conveyors are mainly used to transport items from one location to another. In the middle of the conveyor, it can prevent certain packaging machinery (such as heat shrink machine and packaging machine) from completing a series of operations. how to install?

First, before installing the belt conveyor, we need to install 4 sets of deflection devices before and after the belt rack, and install reverse rollers before and after the installation. After that, we will install the drive device.

(1) First, we should choose 10 mm screws, first install the single-sided drive board and install the drive roller.

(2) Install the driver board on the other side.

(3) The second method is to install the two end faces of the driving roller, the bearing seat and the bearing of the driving roller sprocket.

(4) Then install the motor base (usually eight 8mm×15 screws are used here)

(5) During the installation of the belt conveyor, the screws should be tightened to ensure that the drive roller can run smoothly.

(6) Chain for installing motor and belt motor

(7) The second method is to tighten the motor base bolt and chain at the same time.

(8) When installing the pull rod between the outrigger and the outrigger, the height of the outrigger must be adjusted to ensure the plane height of the conveyor so that it can meet the requirements of the customer, and then adjust the 1.5mm plate to be sealed.

(9) After completing the above work, the power must be turned on for machine testing, and the belt must be adjusted to avoid deviations.

(10) When assembling bearings, high-quality grease should be added.

The above is a brief introduction about the installation method of belt conveyor. I hope the above is helpful to everyone.