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Gravity Conveyor Rollers

04th September 2018

Cost-Effective Gravity Conveyor Rollers

Gravity conveyor rollers can be a great way to transport your goods or raw materials from A to B without the need for an external power source. Relying on the action of gravity to move products forward and downwards, gravity rollers provide low friction, highly efficient answer to many common product movement requirements. Even a slightly declining angle can be enough to give the momentum needed to make a gravity system work for you.

Gravity Conveyor Roller Experts Offering Plenty of Options

We understand that our clients have a variety of different requirements, each of which needs a particular solution that is right for them. In addition to providing replacement rollers, we also offer a full consultation and design service when it comes to installing gravity conveyor rollers for your operation. As well as a selection of sizes, we also offer rollers in a variety of materials and configurations. Our skilled team is even able to provide custom rollers, made to your specifications.

Gravity Conveyor Rollers that are Right for You

In some situations, a gravity roller is not going to be the most appropriate conveyor method. Depending on the location of your system, the materials to be transported and the distance of movement needed, we can also offer powered roller options if required. We aim to always give you a system that allows you to meet your outcomes. With more than two decades of experience behind us, we are also able to find answers to tricky, challenging gravity conveyor issues. Just get in touch and let us help.

A102 Style Gravity Conveyor Roller/Plain End

This series is suitable for middle duty conveying

Advantages: polymer bearing components(can satisfy customer's demand,anti-static properties),low noisy,which composed of precision ball bearing,polymer bearing housing and end cap,nice appearance.The cover at both ends will protect the bearing ,with the function of dust proof and water slash proof. It is suitable for high speed,the maximum speed up to 120m/min. Disadvantages:because the material is polymer,it can' use high temperature.