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Curved Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors

07th September 2018

Curved belt conveyors are suitable for a wide range of applications including: General Manufacturing, Medical, Packaging and Pharmaceutical. These custom designed conveyors are ideal for accumulation, drainage or air flow, and heavy loads.

B242 Double Steel Sprocket Tapered Roller/Female T

Advantages: Steel sprocket welded with tube, make it capable to transmit higher torque, and meet the request of transportation of heavy duty 1oad. The tapered roller that stee1 bearing housing of both sides welded with the tube, tight and durable. The bearing in the end of the sprocket is dismountable, good for maintenance and replacement. The covering of the end of roller, we11 dust proof and water splash proof in operation environment. Standard conical degree is 3.6, other degree could be customized. For better function of curve running, its sprocket teeth thickness is smaller than standard data.