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Conveyor Systems and the Importance of Them

20th June 2019

Conveyor systems are the best way to transport certain types of goods within a building complex, from one point to another. It is widely used to take light or heavy goods fast and efficiently. One can see it being used in the food packaging industry to safely and efficiently take products from point to point. They come in many different varieties based on the need of the manufacturer. The chief advantage of such equipment is of course the time saved and the lower manpower one needs to transport goods within the factory floor and thereby saving greatly on labour cost.

The industries that will most likely use such an equipment are, the food processing and packaging industries, bottling and canning industries and the automotive and aerospace industries. Once the decision has been made to purchase such equipment, some important factors need to be considered. The primary factor is deciding how and when it is going to be used.

That means how goods will be transported, how it will be sorted and accumulated, size and weight of the goods and where you will load and unload the goods. This kind of basic planning seems obvious but needs to be done so as to avoid any confusion so that productivity will not be harmed.

Once the decision has been made and installed, proper maintenance guidelines need to be followed for the smooth operation of the equipment like you would do with any other machinery. The motors and gears will need regular checking, have access to the right spare parts at the right time and the most important thing is to always have trained mechanics to be on hand at any given time.

At the end of the day, to have a system that will be productive for long periods of time, it should be designed for your needs and you should follow the maintenance manuals strictly. There are four basic rules that should be followed to ensure a smooth operation of the equipment.

The first one is ad take-up adjustment; this means that the chain take-up device should be checked regularly so that the chain does not malfunction as it leaves the unit. Secondly, lack of lubrication, this is a common rule that affects all machinery even conveyor systems, in this case if the bearings do not get enough lubrication, it will put a greater load on the chain, thereby stretching it.

Thirdly, the thing to watch for is contamination; parts of the conveyor system can be contaminated by everything from paint, acid, alkaline based liquids and dust. Lastly it is very important to make sure the equipment is designed to handle the goods that it will carry such as, will it be too light or too heavy and so on.

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