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Complete List of Logistics Transportation Equipmen

28th September 2022

Logistics transfer equipment refers to the equipment connecting various processes, such as conveyor, trackless electric flat car, RGV, AGV, etc.

1. Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor Continuous conveying machinery using flexible conveyor belt as material bearing and traction component

Advantages and disadvantages: continuous transportation, low cost, stable and reliable. But the bearing capacity is weak, suitable for conveying materials with small shape and light weight.

2. Chain conveyor

The chain conveyor is a conveyor that uses chains to pull and carry materials, or the slats, metal mesh belts, roller tracks, etc. installed on the chains to carry materials.

3. Chain plate conveyor

The chain plate provides a horizontal bearing surface with a certain width for conveying materials, and the width of the top plate is determined according to the requirements for conveying materials. Plate chain conveyor is suitable for heavy load conveying of irregular shaped articles.

4.  Flat top chain conveyor

Flat top chain is a chain with continuous flat top surface, which is composed of two basic parts: chain plate with hinge roll and pin shaft.

The conveying surface of the plastic flat top chain plate conveyor is flat and smooth, the friction is small, and the transition of materials between the conveying lines is smooth. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, pop cans and other materials, as well as all kinds of bags

5. Differential chain (double speed chain) conveyor

The special aluminum alloy profile is used as the guide rail, and the accelerating chain is used to drag the tooling plate as the transmission medium. The assembly line adopts the combined assembly mode, and the number of stations can be set according to the process requirements. The station is equipped with foot switch, power socket, station stopper, process drawing board, lighting, etc. The line body is equipped with a lifting translation machine, a lifting rotary table, etc., so that the entire process can reach an automatic working state.

6. Roller (roller) conveyor line

The roller conveyor is applicable to the transportation of various boxes, bags, pallets and other pieces of goods. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on the pallet or transported in the turnover box. It can transport materials with large single weight or bear large impact load.

7. Suspended conveyor line

Stable operation, high efficiency, large bearing capacity, low failure rate of continuous operation. The assembly line can turn and climb at will, adapt to various geographical conditions, and is widely used in product assembly, material supply, drying, cleaning, spraying and other industries.

8. RGV electric flat car (rail car)

Electric flat car, also known as electric flat car, level car, trolley, straddle car, electric rail car, ground climbing car, etc., is a kind of electric transport vehicle with rails in the factory. First of all, it is a rail type transport vehicle, which needs to lay rails on the ground. The rails are generally I-shaped contact rails; Secondly, it is an electrically driven vehicle, which operates automatically under the drive of the motor reducer. Thirdly, it is a flat car, with a flat platform without a compartment lid. In special cases, it can also be a non flat car without a compartment lid. The car body has no steering wheel but only forward and backward directions. This kind of vehicle has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, large bearing capacity, no fear of dirt or smashing, easy maintenance, long service life, etc. Because of its convenience, sturdy, economic, practical, easy to clean and many other advantages, it has become the preferred transportation tool for frequently carrying heavy objects in short distance and fixed-point between factory buildings.

9. AGV automatic guidance vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicle is a general term for automatic guided vehicle (mobile robot), which refers to a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices, which can travel along the specified guidance path, has safety protection and various load transfer functions. AGV belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robot (WMR).

10. Trackless electric flat car

The trackless electric flat car uses the battery as the power supply, and the electric flat car runs directly on the ground with solid rubber coated wheels, without the need for a rail transfer car. The flat car is powered by the battery and can walk on the trackless foundation ground. It can adapt to the narrow space and can rotate 360 degrees in all directions.

11. Skid conveyor

The sled conveyor is composed of ground rollers and walking sleds. The sled can carry workpieces, and the sled can walk along the ground rollers. Its biggest advantage is its large load.

Many suspension conveyors are not competent for overweight and oversize parts, while plate chain conveyors are not suitable for assembling support trolley. At this time, the use of sled conveyor just solves the problem of both, and the distance between the two sleds is adjustable, which largely solves the problem of common length of parts.

Disadvantages: Due to the large volume of the objects to be conveyed, if the conveying route needs to turn, the turning radius is large, which is generally used for horizontal straight conveying.