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Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials

10th June 2020

We designs and manufactures a number of custom bulk handling belt conveyors for numerous material handling applications within several budget ranges.Whether it be sand, powders, fines and products less than 1' in size we can design and build a bulk handling system specially for you. Bulk handling systems are versatile, and can be constructed of stainless steel with food grade belts for easy wash down.

Economical for Light, Medium Duty

Models 114 and 118 - These two cost-competitive models are ideal choices for light and medium duty. Both are designed to contain material in the center of the belt conveyor. Model 114, with a 4 inch drive pulley and 4 inch tail, is the choice for light duty bulk material handling. Model 118, with an 8 inch drive pulley and 4 inch tail, is the answer for moving medium-duty bulk items.

Heavy Duty, Large Volume

Model 460 - 2 or 3 roller bulk handling belt conveyors are designed to handle large volumes of heavy, abrasive and granular products at a very reasonable cost. Rugged construction and certified components provide for long run and outdoor applications.

Versatile and Sophisticated

Model 340 - For applications where a steel belt cannot be used, but which require a belt conveyor with a horizontal section, incline section, horizontal configuration, the solution is the Model 340 Sidewall Belt Conveyor. This model is the ideal economical choice for handling powders, fines and product smaller than 1' in size. Options available for various levels of wash down, stainless and food handling requirements. (Additional configurations available.)

Sidewall Belt Conveyor is designed to quickly move product from beneath one operation, up a severe incline, and over into the center of another process, without product degradation. It can handle a wide variety of material, from bulk powders to parts to abrasive lumpy material.

Standard construction is mild steel. For handling food products, stainless steel and white belts are available to meet FDA requirements. Selection of belt widths, angles of incline, lengths of straight sections and numerous sidewall heights, cleat heights and cleat centers available.

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