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Basic Introduction To Straight Roller Conveyor

07th November 2022

Probably no other type of conveyor is applied to so many gravity materials handling uses as roller and wheel conveyor, handling various packaged materials efficiently for distances as short as 2 ft. or as long as 100 ft. or more. Any item from light bulbs to bagged cement to heavy castings can be moved on gravity.

Most items are best handled on straight roller conveyor, however, wheel conveyor may be substituted where a portable type gravity conveyor is required, where light weight containers (38 lbs. per ft. in steel, 18 lbs. per ft. in aluminum) are to be handled and where semi-rigid filled multi-wall paper bags or bales are to be handled. In general, straight roller conveyor should not be used for conveying burlap bags of coffee beans, paper or cotton bags of rice, cotton bags of flour or freshly filled paper bags of cement because the type of material mentioned has a tendency to drape over rollers.

Conveyors, when properly applied, confine the flow of materials thus conserving valuable production and storage space. Frequently, as in storage racks and production assembly lines, roller or wheel conveyor are used for storage providing accessibility and easy movement for processing or production. Breakage or damage is generally minimized when the products are supported and restricted during the travel on conveyor.

Supports should have some height adjustment and should be selected for convenient height for personnel.