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Basic Information and Classification of Drum Conve

13th December 2022

The roller conveyor is widely used for the transportation of various bags, pallets and other articles in ports, airports, luggage factories, etc. The single piece of the roller conveyor has a large transportation capacity and can withstand large loads, but it is not suitable for the transmission of small, bulk and irregular articles. Generally, the above types of articles need to be placed in boxes or pallets and then transported.

Our technicians will divide the roller conveyor into three types due to its structural characteristics, including its layout, driving mode and special design. 1. Its layout forms are different. We divide it into: inclined conveying roller line, horizontal conveying roller line and turning roller line; 2. According to the drive form of roller conveyor, it can be divided into powered and unpowered roller lines; 3. The particularity shows the equipment characteristics of the roller conveyor. The roller conveyor equipment is easy to connect. Multiple roller lines and other assembly lines can be combined to form a more complex logistics transportation system. According to the special design of the customer, more aspects of the process needs can be completed.

Generally, we accept a lot of special process design from customers. After all, the design type of roller conveyor line is determined by the difference between industry and product type. What are the requirements and parameters that customers need to put forward when customizing this type of conveyor? Our technicians will tell you about it based on the accumulation of this aspect.

Generally, customers with such requirements need to confirm the technical parameters of their products, such as: 1. the height, length, width, product shape, 2. the weight of each conveying unit of the customer's products, 3. the bottom of the items the customer needs to convey. 4. the required conveyor type is powered or unpowered; The customer mainly needs to know about these aspects. Of course, there are also some other situations, such as what the working environment of the conveyor to be designed is, whether there is particularity, and whether it is necessary to work in the environment of high temperature, low temperature, high humidity or chemicals.