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Advantages of Portable Belt conveyor

15th June 2021

There are many problems in traditional transportation in mining industry: large investment in mine equipment at the beginning, high operating cost, the mining roads have to construction and maintenance in the production process. so the production cost is high. What’s more, it is a problem in the transportation between the portable crushing system and the long distance fixed belt conveyor system. In addition, due to the traditional transportation system components are cumbersome, special personnel are required to operate the transportation system, which increases the operating cost of the enterprise; and when it is necessary to extend the transportation system, it is have to stop work and it will reduce the production efficiency.

Advantages of Portable Belt Conveyor

1. Cost Reduction

Portable belt conveyor is a new type of material conveying equipment, which usually used in the process of mining with its own power system. On the one hand, portable belt conveyor will improve the application the of mine crushing systems, meanwhile crushers and belt conveyor can be convenient moved to the construction site and realize continuous mining operation without the influence of blast, that can reduce the economic losses caused by downtime. On other hand, portable belt conveyor system can reduce the demand for the quantity of transport equipment and shorten the transportation distance between the ore and the fixed crusher. Therefore, the production cost can be reduced.

2. Quick and Convenient

During operation, the power transmission of the tracked chassis and the direction adjustment function of the carousel mechanism are first used to operate the portable conveyor to a designated position; the material enters belt conveyor through portable belt conveyor. Then the belt conveyor power is provided by the head roller. The material is output through the discharge device; when the materials in the mining area are completed, the mobile belt conveyor can be quickly replaced by the mobile crusher and run to a designated location for material transportation. The technical solution has the characteristics of strong transportation capacity of mine materials, strong adaptability of the site, and convenient and flexible movement.

3.Reliable and Safety

Portable belt conveyor replaces the original sgw-40 type conveyer, which has advantages of the structure is reasonable, the installation and use are convenient, the operation is flexible, the adaptability is strong, and the utility model is suitable for the use of the opening of the heading face. In addition, the connecting frame of the portable belt conveyor can be prolonged, thus, the working time can be shortened, the driving speed can be improved, and the labor intensity of the workers can be reduced. It can greatly improve the efficiency of coal transfer, improve the process of the project, reduce the labor intensity and reduce the mechanical and electrical accidents. In summary, portable belt conveyor is reliable and safety.

4.Environmental Protection

The environmental protection advantage of portable belt conveyor system in place of traditional mining transportation is obvious. The successful development of portable belt conveyor makes it possible for a large number of mobile crushing systems to be used in mines, which can greatly shorten the distance of ore transportation and reduce the use of mining vehicles. Thus, the purchase cost of mining vehicle, the construction cost of transportation road, t energy consumption in production process are reduced, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

The design of portable belt conveyor solves the problems in the traditional transportation system, greatly reduces the energy consumption, decreases the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance, reduces the incidence of failures, and increases the flexibility of the equipment. It improves the production efficiency and achieves the goal of reducing the cost and increasing the benefit. 
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