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A Simple Guide To Conveyor Belt Maintenance

07th May 2019

It is very important for your business to keep its conveyor systems operating in a safe and efficient manner. By keeping a regular conveyor maintenance schedule, you can help to keep your business operating smoothly. Here are some things that you should keep in mind about your conveyor maintenance.
Hire Third Parties To Perform Conveyor Maintenance On a Quarterly Basis
In most facilities, maintenance technicians are not given the respect that they deserve. Underpaying maintenance technicians or failing to hire a maintenance company can be a huge mistake. Maintenance technicians can help to fix small problems that they find with your conveyors so that they do not turn into big problems. When you choose us for your quarterly conveyor maintenance, you will have the benefit of our expert experience for a broad variety of conveyor systems.
Save Spare Parts So That They Will Be Available When They Are Needed
Over time, some parts of your conveyor system will begin to fail. If you have a breakdown, it can potentially halt your production for a long time. Failed parts may also cause damage to other areas of your system. This makes it important for you to keep spare parts on hand so that they can be easily replaced, including package stops, transfers and pushers.
Documentation And Audits
By conducting regular inspections of your conveyor system, you can help to ensure that it continues to run efficiently. It can still be difficult for you to notice parts that might be slowly starting to fail. We are able to complete an audit of your conveyor system to help to make certain that it will not fail.
Obsolete Parts And Equipment
Budgetary constraints often prevent warehouse managers from replacing their entire systems. This makes it important for you to know which parts of your conveyor are obsolete. For instance, if you learn that your conveyor is not being manufactured any longer, you might want to purchase additional spare parts for it.
Know Your Maintenance Calendar
Your conveyor system has a manual that explains when you should check all of its parts. It is important for you to know how often you should check the parts. In general, you should check the parts according to the following schedule:
Motor – Check the mounting bolts, temperature and noise each month.
Reducer – Check the temperature and noise each month, and check your oil level each quarter.
Sprockets – Check the keys, set screws and wear each quarter.
Driver chain – Lubricate it each week, and check its tension each quarter.
O-rings and v-belts – Check the sheave alignment, tension and wear each month.
Belts – Check their lacing each week and their tension and tracking each month.
Bearings – Check the mounting belts each quarter and the noise each month.
When you follow this basic maintenance schedule, you won’t have to worry about having a major problem that causes your production to stop.