Conveyor Roller Across the Industries of Today

Probably one of the most recognizable examples of industrial conveyor roller use, from the vantage point of the consumer, is within the vast postage/package sorting industry of which large retailers would probably be the most widely known consumer application. These package fulfillment warehouses are packed with miles of metallic conveyor rollers designed to move packages of all sizes and weights. Industrial conveyor rollers play an indispensable part in bringing products to the front door of the consumer.

Rubber and/or Urethane conveyor rollers are employed extensively in the paper and plastic production industries. Plastic industries, in particular, utilize the excellent heat resistance of rubber conveyor rollers for plastic thermosetting and thermoforming. The conveyor rollers are almost exclusively employed in the graphics printing industry and are especially useful for ink applications on curved surfaces. Even within ordinary office printers, it’s almost impossible to open up a door, and not encounter a rubber conveyor roller or two.

Conveyor Roller Configurations

Also, be sure to check out our line of film handling conveyor rollers available in stainless steel, aluminum anodized, and low-cost aluminum.

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